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Where is the Love?

I woke up this morning and before I could barely even open my eyes to the bright sunshine coming through the breaks in the curtains, my husband said, "Mass shooting in Vegas. 49 dead over 450 injured." Being a Monday morning, I expect it to have its flaws and less than perfect moments but this is something I never want to wake up on a Monday to... or any day for that matter. But yet, it continues to occur; and even following the major natural disasters that have recently occurred around the world. Hasn't the hurricane and earthquakes taken enough souls for one year? Why do human beings feel they have to play a part in this as well? I have a million thoughts going through my head about the psychology behind the men that do these sort of things. At what point do they feel this sort of entitlement to take another's life? What is there motive? Did they have second thoughts before doing it? What did they experience in life that was so unbearably hateful that got them to pull the trigger, literally. What was growing up like for them? Where was the love? Someone must have loved them... so why couldn't they see that? Love conquers all things, right? This battle that the world is facing here is not a political one, it is a matter of LOVE... or lack there of. So in response to the tragedies, disasters, and devastion going on throughout the world; I felt it was important to use whatever platform and reach that I have to stand up for my values, take action, and shine a light on our fellow human beings that need our help. My hope is to bring as much love and support possible towards everything going on and all the people in need. Below are a few organizations where you can donate to the causes needing it the most right now. Donating to any of these will help those affected by these recent events (even if it’s just a few dollars) :

LoveArmyLasVegas (Support the injured victims and families) Direct Relief (Earthquakes and hurricane relief) Hispanic Federation  (Hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico)

I encourage you to use this week to love and support those who really need it. We have to bring Love to the surface to fight this battle and the only way to do so is to come together and show one another compassion. With LOVE and sorrow, Sharlotte

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