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Why are they called Dreams if they keep you up at night?

Bonjour mis amis!

Sharlotte here, writing to you all from a beautiful terrace that overlooks a quaint village and the ocean in Bretagne, France. I am with my husband who is a professional golfer and we are here this week so he can play a tournament on the European Challenge Tour.

We have been here since Sunday. So that now makes this the beginning of my night #5 in which I will spend hours enjoying the sound of the ocean, admiring the quietness of the night in this beautiful little village, and working my ass off.

So lately I've had this reoccurring interesting thought about the "Dream Life" that everyone desires to have (and you could argue that I am currently living it, simply because I travel the world)....and its led me to pose another question.

Why are they called Dreams if they keep you up at night?

Why do we call them Dreams? This isn't a dream. This is reality that I am not only wide awake for but also very intentionally creating. Instead of "Go for your Dreams" or "Living the Dream Life"; how about "Work your ass off so you can continue working your ass off in a more pleasant setting."

The past few days I have definitely had moments of bitterness. Moments where I say, " What is this monster I have created?","I don't want to work right now, I just want to enjoy life"....and the biggest one, "I'M EXHAUSTED."

Last night I watched the sunrise before going to sleep and the night before it was 30 minutes from rising when I crawled into bed. Let's just say the earliest I've gotten into bed since being here is 4am. I'm definitely a night owl, but even still, this is too extreme for me. Sleep is SO important and I know this. I realize the effects no sleep can have, etc. So, please just spare me the lecture....To summarize- I have slept anywhere from 3-5 hours each night, then its up and at 'em again.

As I sit down to work tonight, something feels different. I am happy, I am grateful, I am ready to work ( and even motivated enough to take 30 minutes to type this for all of you- which is a huge surprise! lol ....haven't had any time to spare for extras lately); but most of all Proud. This may seem self absorbed, but I INSPIRE ME. I think if you can inspire yourself in your business then your on to something good. To explain further, I am responsible for creating hundreds of graphics which each require on the spot creativity, no time to wait to be "inspired to create" and hours upon hours of staring at a computer screen. Oh yeah, and run my business and manage others, because I do have a few who call my Boss ;). So, Yes. I INSPIRE ME because despite the work load, tonight I am exactly where I would like to be doing what I love.

I have truly found a way to make a paycheck doing something I'm good at and REALLY enjoy enjoy to the point that it literally keeps me up at night, every night, all night. I might complain occasionally or throw a comment here or there about not wanting to do a certain task- but don't we all? If I really didn't like it do you think id lose sleep over it? Nope, I don't think so.

Ive realized that responsibility can be overwhelming but it can also be extremely gratifying.

I am proud of what Ive built. I set out a little over year ago to create my own little graphic design "business". I set big scary income goals for myself in January for the year. Like scary enough for me to doubt myself and think, "yeah right, dreamin a little big there sister!" ....I surpassed those goals in July! Like what?! This is insane!!

Whats My Secret?

I DO THE WORK! No matter what it takes, I make it happen, no excuses. I work day and night if I have to. Listen up you people! I don't work for anyone. I don't sell for any company except for the one I have created. I am self made. I found something Im good at and have worked to get better at and found a way to make money doing it.....and not a mere $3000 like my little side Etsy shop did in 2012, Like 4X more than the salary I was making at my previous jobs.

The best part about it is that my passion drives me to do the work and when the passion has run out and I am exhausted, well then the work load kicks in and fuels the energy to do the work and somewhere along the way the passion sneaks back in. The Circle of Life for a designer, I guess you could call it!

Find your passion. Get good at it. Do the Work. Stay Focused. Drink Coffee. Get Inspired. Work hard and make MAGIC HAPPEN for yourself and your life.

You don't find a happy life, you make it.

You can be a Dreamer, or you can be a Doer. That choice has always been yours to make.

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