"GB Graphix nailed my branding vision thru my logo and banners! I finally feel like I'm positioned to attract like minded from first glance! Sharlotte was super quick and in tune with my needs! I'll definitely be using GB Graphix in the future!"

Jenelle Summers

“Sharlotte is full of a ridiculous amount of information in terms of branding. Which made that gigantic chunk of what we do seem so much more manageable.

She’s the best of the best.”

Moira Kucaba

"Absolutely can't imagine working with anyone else for all my graphic and apparel needs!"

Danielle Natoni

"If you’re like me and have great ideas in your head you just can’t bring to life, GB Graphix is your company! The talent and service is THE BEST out there!"

Melissa McAllister

"Sharlotte is an amazing graphic design artist but also a pro at marketing! She helped me develop my brand and my target audience and continues to amaze me! The logo she created for my wellness business is warm inviting and perfectly represents me and my brand!! She takes time to get to know you and create what you want! Highly recommend her for anyone looking to take their business to the next level! A conversation with Sharlotte will help you unleash your true potential and leave you focused, fired up and ready to run towards your dreams!"

Megan Seibel

"Sharlotte has been the one who “gets me” and the brand and voice I wanted to create. I could not have executed any of my branding without her support and expertise! She goes the extra mile to spend the time to get it right and make your vision come to life. Always my go-to for all things branding, graphics and website design!"

Amber Bailey

"Working with Sharlotte and GB Graphix has transformed my business, but most importantly transformed my mindset. Not only has she guided me in defining my mission and purpose, but she has helped me gain confidence in myself. I know who I'm talking to when I post and I have truly defined what my brand is. I feel like I've known her for years and I know she truly cares about her clients. If you're stuck and unsure of the direction of your business, Sharlotte is your girl!"

Courtney Johnson

"We are so grateful for Sharlotte! We were hopelessly lost on our branding before we started working with Sharlotte! She has been so fun to work with and I have appreciated how she has gone the extra mile for us! We now have so much more clarity on our brand, messaging and a well designed website that clearly communicates what we do and who we are! She literally gave us a complete branding make-over (and boy was it ever needed)!! I highly recommend her for anyone struggling to find their brand identity."

Joy Bowen

"Sharlotte has been amazing to work with. She was referred to us at a time when we were needing and looking for direction in rebranding and we couldn't be more happy with the end result. She worked with us to create a full branding package - logo design, and brand identity that was meaningful to us and what our team stands for. She walked us through every step carefully and thoughtfully. When it came time to present it to our team, overwhelmingly everyone loved it. We have found our identity and I am SO proud of our logo and brand. The difference in our team has been amazing - there's way more energy, engagement, pride, and ownership within our team ... all due to Sharlotte and her amazing work."

Suzanne Beck

Wow! I have had such an incredible experience with Sharlotte and GB Graphix! I am already implementing new techniques and strategies on day one, and what a difference! I highly recommend her full one on one consultation!

Shannon Windsor

Since I’ve started with GB Graphix, I’ve had a huge shift in my business! I’ve encountered a huge response to my social media posts that I’ve never had before! I’ve had more confidence in what I post because I know it’s the right thing and it’s helpful to others! Sharlotte is so informative and makes me feel like I’m her only client! Her knowledge in her field is second to none! I highly recommend her for all your marketing needs!

Miranda Broussard

"Here's my advice: If you are a woman, if you are struggling with a little bit of identity, if you have a business and want to get it off the ground and you know you need some focus and clarity, and you know that you have something in you that you would like to get out...but you don't know how to do it, you don't know how to share it with the world... then you need to talk to Sharlotte and use her services with GB Graphix. It's  really the best thing I've ever done. I'm so excited about what's going to happen with my business this year and I haven't felt that way in a long time."

Michele Park

“Sharlotte has been a game-changer for me and my business! Not only did she help me to nail down my unique brand and logo, but her graphics are absolutely incredible and really speak to who I AM. She has helped me to create consistent content and visuals that have taken my business to the next level! HIGHLY recommend Sharlotte and GB Graphix!”

Amy Grasso

"Sharlotte does a great job of understanding your brand, your voice and who you're trying to serve so that she can create beautiful, custom images that will connect with your ideal sister. She's quick and will always make sure the final product is just right to fit your needs."

Andrea Crowder

"I really enjoyed working with Sharlotte! I came to her because I have built an entire business on social media… But still needed guidance when it came to branding myself and creating cover photos that truly represented me and my business. Working with her was a breeze, and an experience I truly enjoyed. Sharlotte took the time to get to know me, my interests, my vibe, and who I am as a person. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thank you!" 

Carly Del Carlo

"I cannot say enough about Sharlotte. She is my brand boss. When I spoke with Sharlotte for the very first time I instantly connected with her and felt safe. I have had multiple graphic designers in the past that couldn’t help me find my brand and would feel as if I am doing most of the leg work. Sharlotte takes care of you and your vision. Sharlotte does more than design your logo. She helps you be unapologetically you and become proud of it. She helps you build your brand and help you highlight the things about yourself into the brand for your business. Sharlotte’s brand strategy has helped me come up with my company name, my colors, enhance my roots and more importantly help me learn how I can use my brand. She has even helped me brainstorm ways how I can reach out to my warm market. Since launching my business I am getting so much positive feedback and interest because my brand keeps looking so clear cut and to the point which makes me stand out and look professional. The reaction I am getting from my clients and vendors has been so positive. I feel like I’m already standing out when I’m starting out. Working with Sharlotte doesn’t stop with a logo design. She is my brand boss, mentor and life friend. If you need a graphic designer to help you with your brand, Sharlotte is your girl. xoxo"

Laila Rahmatian

"Love Sharlotte!  She's got an amazing eye for design, has a great turnaround time and is just the sweetest gal.  I recommend Sharlotte and have loved having her in my corner."

Rachel Luna

"After years of searching & working with graphic designers, I was super fortunate to find Sharlotte! With our very first phone call, she spent time asking the right questions and listening to my personal story. She was able to identify crucial brand components. Things I had never even thought of. I love Sharlotte’s work because she’s super talented, uplifting, honest & knows her stuff! Every image we’ve received has been beautiful! Thank you Sharlotte! You are a life saver!"

Julia Zammito

I absolutely love working with GB Graphix. She has the ability to get to know her clients and create a brand that embodies who they are. Sharlotte is a truly gifted and creative person!!

Valerie Hatcher

"I adore GB Graphics!! Sharlotte has completely helped me tap into my style and brand and creates the most stunning content, headers, and graphics. I'm forever being complimented on all her work. And as a bonus... I just luv her to pieces!!"

Jaclyn Hughes

"GB Graphix is awesome and totally brought my professional business to the next level! Sharlotte is extremely accommodating, professional, and a pleasure to work with! She helped me really understand and promote my brand!"

Samantha Maldonado

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sharlotte & GB Graphix!
I had been thru numerous people for my logo before I was referred to Sharlotte – and unlike everyone else I worked with she was patient, professional, asked all the right questioned and truly listened to me.
She never once made me feel bad for asking for revisions or to completely start over. Her #1 priority was ensuring I was not just satisfied but loved my logo. She was able to take a concept(that was all over the place, mind you) of what I wanted and made it reality. If you want a brand that truly speaks to your tribe Sharlotte is the one who can make it come alive. I highly recommend her and I plan on using her again for all my branding needs!"


Bridjit Norris

"It was absolutely my LUCKY day when I was connected with Sharlotte. Creating my logo was scary as I am NOT creative and wasn't really exactly sure what I wanted. She took the time to talk to me about ME! Really get to know me and where I was coming from and what I was visualizing. She went back and forth and back again with changes and changes again. I couldn't have had a more confident experience with GB Graphix and I will DEFINITELY be using this resource in the future for the rest of my images and design needs :)"

Christina Uhler

"Sharlotte is a rockstar at asking the right questions and drawing out the spark in your brand. She inspires me and helps cast vision to all areas of my brand. Loved working with you!! Highly recommend GB Graphix to anyone looking to take their business up to the next level!!"

Samantha Nywening

"Sharlotte + GB Graphix have not only provided exceptional work, but an amazing experience as well! She took the time to really get to know me as a person, and helped me to fine-tune my brand by empowering me to push past my comfort zone! I am so grateful!  I have recommended her to many of my colleagues and look forward to working with her on a continual  basis."

Daliza Sanchez

"I have used Sharlotte, owner of GB Graphix, for both my fitness and financial advising businesses. Sharlotte has created logos, banners, folders, surveys, power point presentations,  social media graphics and more for me. Her professionalism, quick turnaround, attention to detail and personal preference, and optimistic attitude make her a delight to work with.
If we had stars to rate her, I'd give 5 out of 5."

Tiffany Taylor

"Sharlotte is my kind of girl. She is talented, bright, cheerful, fun, along with being SUPER creative and full of ideas.  She brought our vision together and we are extremely happy with the end product and our new logo.  We are just getting started and she will be our "go to" person. I truly enjoyed working worth her through the process!  GB Graphix is the bomb.com in my book!! :)"

Nisan Daley

"I can’t say enough about Sharlotte & her company GB Graphix! I searched high & low for a graphic designer with no luck. I’m so grateful I found Sharlotte! She took the time to get to know me & find out exactly what I need to represent my brand. She is always willing to go do the extra work to ensure you’re 100% happy with each final image. She really gets marketing! Thank you so much Sharlotte! You rock BIG!"

Julia Zammito

"Having a brand and logo has given me a newfound confidence that I never thought I would have! I feel more complete, and my business is actually feeling like a business! I love my personalized logo and I'm so thankful for everyone who has supported me so far, and I'm excited to show them what I can REALLY do with my business! "

Jennifer Rose

"Sharlotte has been such a pleasure to work with! She not only helped me think outside the box a bit more, but she gave me advice on other things that has helped my business on social media! She is very flexible with her work and she really takes the TIME to get to know you and how to best help you! She's my main person if I ever need any graphics and I recommend her to anyone who wants a professional, fun, and caring person to work with. :)"

Stephanie Pniewski

"This is a great resource for anyone!! If you are looking to brand yourself this is where you need to be!!"

Mary Breedlove

"I love GB Graphix for the beautiful custom graphics and design provided with super fast turn around! If you're looking for QUALITY work for your brand or business look no further!"

Ember Nevill

"I loved the work that was done for me. I really wanted Sharlotte to 'get' me, and she did just that! I ended up using all the designs for different things as I couldn't pick just one! A year later I love the work just as much!"

Christine J. Long

"Sharlotte is absolutely amazing and one of the best at what she does. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her."

Hetchut Senb

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