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The Art of Magic Making

Today I would love to share something that I am SO excited to introduce to you all! Over the past few weeks work has been CRAZY BUSY, and while it’s difficult to add a bunch of new clients into the mix all at once,I'm managing....Sort of.

That being said, I want to help give you the tools and inspiration you need to be able to turn your OWN ideas into magic!

I am excited to invite you to join the Magic Making Mastermind Group

This is a private group where we as entrepreneurs will collaborate and manifest brilliance for each our own and each others businesses. I will share with you tips, tricks, and even provide you with tools to help you create beautiful graphics on your own!

Below are a few of the many MAGIC perks you will receive as a member:
  • The best apps to use for graphics

  • In-Depth Tutorials on how to make attractive graphics

  • Free Stock Photos

  • Trending Fonts for download

  • Monthly Mastermind Collaboration via Video Conference

  • Whats Trending in Design

  • Basics of Branding

  • Marketing Tips and Tricks

  • How to make your Graphics POP

  • Graphic Elements to use on graphics

  • Collaboration Space

Exciting, right?!

Everyone has magic within them, but sometimes you need that extra little push to help you get started!

This group is great for everyone from top coaches to people just starting out. Not everyone can afford to outsource for their graphics, and even if you can afford it, it never hurts to have the skills to be able to whip something amazing up for a quick post!

My goal for this project is to inspire creativity, build confidence, and ultimately give everyone the resources to add their own magic to this world! I couldn't help but think to myself that there must be a way I can help other entrepreneurs to have awesome ATTRACTIVE graphics for their business AND still continue to help people one on one to build their brands.

What is a MAGIC MAKER?!

A Magic Maker is someone who makes the magic happen no matter the circumstance.

They fight for it. They are curious. They are always a student and crave new knowledge. They figure it out. They always show up. They work when others are sleeping. They go their own way. They arent afraid to stand out. They push the limits. They cultivate kindness. They push others to be the best version of themselves they can be. They are open minded. They arent afraid to try. They make it happen.

They are STRAIGHT UP MAGIC....and you can be too.

That being said, I am SO thankful for this business & that it has turned into something that I never imagined possible, but at the end of the day that is all because of YOU. I have built some amazing relationships with many of you and am so grateful to that our paths have crossed. You are a world class person with extraordinary talents to offer the world, and I want to help you to rise up and radiate that essence and make magic happen..

I would love for you to be a Magic Maker & cannot wait to see how every person takes this information and turns it into their own unique greatness.

Their will be a $10/mo. Membership fee to cover the expense of fonts, stock photos, graphic elements, etc.

If you will spend $10 a month on Netflix or Spotify, then you shouldnt even hesitate to spend it on the invaluable resouce of Mastermind group, where collaboration is and problem solving is the purpose and tutorials and valuable resources are in great supply.

I am confident that being a member will build your confidence, grow your knowlege, expand your business and provide you with the tools and resources necessary for you to be able to RISE UP AND RADIATE MAGIC.


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