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Hi friends :)

So on Saturday night I posted on Facebook some examples of what I'm thinking of doing to my hair. I got a number of responses all differing. After reading the responses and starting to type a general response to everyone, something sparked my creative thinking. The comment I was typing turned into this blog post and sort of went way beyond should I color my hair or not! Hey, this is what my mind does to me....and although my thoughts may be a bit odd, I feel as if I could be onto something here.

So here is what I posted...

It's good to know that the majority of my ladies (and one man 😉 ) support me on this! I love my supporters open mindedness and understanding of me for wanting to be a bit wild and die my hair pink! I will say that, if I end up doing this, it will be temporary. I'm thinking like the wash out in a few weeks kind of stuff. I can always re-do it if I just fall head over heels in love with it and want it longer.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this, whether you said, "Go for it!" Or "No don't do it!". 

For those of you who didn't think this was a good idea--thank you for weighing in on this. It is you, the people who disagreed with this decision, that got my wheels spinning in my head and inspired me on something completely unrelated to whether or not I should die my hair; and that is mindset.

Now we all have our opinions and no matter how much you have in common with another person, their will eventually be a disagreement of some sort. This is because our experiences, personality, mood and mindset all affect how we interact with eachother. In thinking about this, I believe I've come up with an easy strategy for how be an overall more positive person, but also to be more consistent in our interactions with others.

My strategy?

Learn to have an open mind.

You may be thinking, "Youu can't learn to be open minded,either you have and open mind or you don't." Well, if you're thinking that then you particular are going to benefit from this.

I have a challenge for you. Next time you see someone with colored hair- go strike up a conversation with them. You can simply say, "I'm getting over my fear of public speaking and have made it a point to start a conversation with a complete stranger everyday this week" then go from there. Make it a point to learn 3 things about them. Could be their name, where they are from, and what they do.

I say someone with colored hair because it relates back to the origin of this blog post and because colored hair is trendy right now; so I'm confident that you will come across a good range of people. However, if you don't find yourself running into too many with colored hair, I want you to make it a point to engage in conversations with a complete stranger everyday this week. Try and seek out those people that you wouldn't ever find your self talking to. Someone with a different style, someone. These short chats could be started whol standing in a checkout line, pumping your gas, waiting in line at the airport, walking your dog, etc.

If you follow through and do this exercise everyday this week, I'm confident that you will have met someone in which you connected with and didn't expect to. I want you to look past others appearances and learn about the BEing that is inside.

We too often judge others for their outward appearance and this has got to stop. If someone has a bunch of piercings, or colored hair, or a tattoo, or dresses differently than you do, shouldn't result in immediate judgement. The choices that someone makes that alters their appearance, shouldn't change the way that this person is perceived. It doesn't do any harm to anyone and is a creative way for a person to express themselves.

How is creativity ever suppose to be appreciated if we are constantly putting judgement on those who decide to express it? We need to open our minds and encourage others to think outside the box. If we as a society could successfully accomplish this, then we may start to get somewhere. We would be more intelligent because of our exposure to others authentic ideas, and there would be less hate, less bullying, and less judgment. I'm not saying that we are all going to agree on everything and the world is going to be a beautiful friendly place full of pink roses in full bloom, (although the thought of the world covered in beautiful pale pink roses sounds amazing 😍) but we can make big strides in the right direction if each of us could alter our mindset and attitude towards others in the slightest.

Judgement is a nasty thing, but we all do it. We could even say it is natural to judge a person when first seeing them, but is it? I don't believe we were created that way, but I digress.

In conclusion, my hopes are that you will give being open minded a shot and do the exercise I've suggested, then see where you're at. After all is said and done, I'm almost certain that you will have learned something new, have a less judgmental approach to others, and an overall new perception towards others and their way of thinking.


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