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GB Graphix exists to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by helping them to build the perfect brand; one that exudes confidence and professionalism and also gets the attention of their target audience. We accomplish this by approaching each project with a marketing mindset and creating designs that will attract the people they are looking to attract.

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Hi! I’m Sharlotte, Founder and Creative Director behind GB Graphix. 


A little about me:

I live in Texas with my husband, son, and tiny Persian cat. I graduated with a BBA in Marketing from Abilene Christian University in 2011. I met my husband, Cyril, while at school. After dating for 4 years, we married in September of 2014. He is French, a professional golfer, and the absolute love of my life!

We welcomed our son, Luka, amidst the chaos of the pandemic in July 2020. He has been such a light in our lives! He is a wild little guy that is full of fun and love…. And he is the perfect blend between my husband and I! 💕

After graduating from college, I worked as a sales representative for State Farm and then as the Chief Marketing Officer for a financial planning and money management firm. I also had a side hustle Etsy business during this time making gift tags and cards with beautiful handmade papers that I would find from all around the world. 


Each of these roles was grooming me for what was ahead. They gave me the people skills, branding experience, marketing mindset, and design skills that I still use to this day. 


I started my business in 2015 and have helped 700+ entrepreneurs and small businesses from all around the globe to build their brands. This has included designing hundreds of logos, thousands of graphics for digital advertising and marketing material, and dozens of website designs. 

My favorite part of the process has been working with my clients to position themselves according to their goals and helping them to tell their stories well. People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. It is absolutely fascinating listening to my client’s stories of overcoming obstacles, triumph, grit, and success. Then, having the opportunity to help them use this in their messaging and marketing, and creating designs that represent them well and stand out to their audience; the outcome is straight-up magic!


If you have a project in mind and you aren’t sure where to start, let’s chat to see if I can help! 

To see some of the things I’ve done for others, please check out my portfolio

why me?

Your project and my skills are a great fit.
Here's why:

  1. Your project is of high importance to you. I understand the importance of a business's website and the investment one makes to have a great one! It IS the online representation of your business and oftentimes the first thing people see when first discovering you! I respect your trust in me to make it great and promise to protect and uphold the reputation you've spent years building. I won't let you down.

  2. My clients are like family to me. These strong relationships have been built on great communication. I am intentional about creating an inviting dynamic from the beginning that breeds enthusiasm and welcomes and encourages honest feedback.

  3. My creative muscles are well-developed. I'm going to make you something that has that wow factor and functions flawlessly.

  4. I have the ability to envision the look of the future and I know how to get others to jump on board. We will work together to create the perfect pitch that not only engages your audience but gets them to take action.

  5. There are no problems, only solutions. Whatever problems you might be facing with your website, I will help find and/or create a solution for you.


In addition to developing a strong brand identity for our clients, we also take a deeper dive into their business model to ensure the basics have been established (such as a mission and vision statement). Then we work closely to craft a marketing strategy and calendar.

When developing a strategy, we take the time to consider the person and/or business that will be responsible for implementing the plan. No two clients are the same, therefore, no two marketing plans should be the same. We take pride in developing completely custom marketing plans for our clients vs. providing all of our clients with the same strategy.

If you have been struggling a little with being consistent with your brand, struggling with knowing what to post and when to post it, or maybe your struggling to find the right audience... we can help!

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