Branding Boss & Graphic Artist

Meet Sharlotte

Brand Consulting, Graphic Design, Custom Logos, Social Media Graphics

Possessing extensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing and Consulting, Sharlotte Bouniol is the founder and creative director behind GB Graphix. She has a deep understanding of changing market dynamics and facilitates her clients in maximizing their outreach and exposure using Social Media Marketing. Her expertise and understanding of what it takes to build a successful brand has come from experience, education, exposure, and natural eye for design.


Known for her creativity and innovative thinking, she has the ability to envision the look that will take your brand far beyond its initial impact and inspires others to jump on board. Her cultured perspective and versatility within her field comes from her curiosity and interest in art and design, in which she has explored and studied all around the world. Sharlotte has truly made her passion her purpose by using her talents to help entrepreneurs and startups to build a brand that will stand out, attract their target markets, and ultimately thrive in their business endeavors.


Sharlotte works with her clients to identify a brand strategy and the marketing initiatives needed within that strategy to attract the target audience. Her love of branding is driven by her rare blend of vast creativity and problem solving skills. She is talented in developing creative content that is representative and unique to each individual client and their brand. Her passion for branding and design has resulted in fearless ideas that will help your target audience immediately gravitate towards your brand and image.


Sharlotte works with dozens of highly esteemed entrepreneurs and individuals, giving them the tools they need to build their brands, and

helping them to develop a strategy that will increase brand exposure, recognition, and overall brand identity.


Prior to building her own empire, Sharlotte received her Bachelor’s in Business Marketing from Abilene Christian University.

She participated in the Global Apprentice Program in Oxford, England with ACU’s College Of Business Administration where she did  

student consulting for the Neilsen Company, the global leader in market research, ratings, and data for all types of media to upwards

of 9000 clients in more than 100 countries. Once back stateside, Sharlotte sought for a part-time position while finishing school and

landed an office assistant job with a local State Farm Agent. Little did she know, this agent would go on to become her greatest mentor

and motivator, and would ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and mind for operational efficiency that still drives her today.


Sharlotte’s passion for travel and experiencing different cultures did not cease during her short time abroad in college, however.

During her time at ACU she met and later married her husband, Cyril Bouniol, who is a highly respected professional golfer.

As Cyril was born and raised in Paris, France, Sharlotte has experienced first hand many different aspects of european culture and

enjoys traveling the world with Cyril whenever the opportunity arises.


After graduation, Sharlotte moved to the metropolitan area of Texas. Having experience with State Farm, she landed a

spot with the #1 State Farm Agent in the country.  Within 6 months, she achieved the title of Top Producer of the

20+ employees withinthe agency. In addition to sales, she oversaw marketing and branding efforts. Although

successful in her position at State Farm, Sharlotte desired a job with more of an emphasis in Marketing, and soon

took on the title of the Chief Marketing Officer for Chalk Cullum & Associates, a financial planning and wealth

management firm. This is where the love for branding started to unfold. She became an expert in brand development

from ideation through completion; through the development and branding of three new divisions within the firm.

Niche markets were the drivers behind the development of these separate entities, and allowed the firm to narrow in

their focus and market toward each of these target audiences needing their services.