GB Graphix exists to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to create a profitable business that is built on passion and authenticity. We help our clients build the perfect brand for their venture; one that exudes confidence and professionalism, and we do this through the use of storytelling and graphic design.

In addition to developing a strong brand identity for our clients, we also take a deeper dive into their business model to ensure the basics have been established (such as a mission and vision statement). Then we work closely to craft a marketing strategy and calendar.

When developing a strategy, we take the time to consider the person and/or business that will be responsible for implementing the plan. No two clients are the same, therefore, no two marketing plans should be the same. We take pride in developing completely custom marketing plans for our clients vs. providing all of our clients with the same strategy.

If you have been struggling a little with being consistent with your brand, struggling with knowing what to post and when to post it, or maybe your struggling to find the right audience... we can help!

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“Absolutely can't imagine working with anyone else for all my graphic and apparel needs!”

-Danielle Natoni

“Sharlotte is full of a ridiculous amount of information in terms of branding. Which made that gigantic chunk of what we do seem so much more manageable.

She’s the best of the best.”

-Moira Kucaba

What we do

GB Graphix exists to empower entrepreneurs by helping them to build the perfect brand that exudes confidence and professionalism through the use of storytelling and graphics. 


Our company has been helping individuals and businesses stand out through smart and engaging content and design. If you’re looking for originality and innovation, you’ve come to the right place. At GB Graphix, no two projects are the same, and each project serves as an opportunity for our team to create something completely new. Allow us to turn your ideas into the successes you envision them to be. What are you waiting for?


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When it comes to making a lasting impression with your brand, it’s crucial to use the right combination of images, graphics, colors, and animation to create a stylish and visually appealing design that tells a story. We’re highly committed to visual quality as well as usability, which is why we make sure any technical materials created by us for your Brand Identity project are based on a solid foundation.


Our creative approach allows us to develop a strategy that is truly unique and authentic to you and your vision. We take time to get to know you, the real you; then we take that information and develop a strategy that gets the attention of your target audiences and maximizes the success of all your marketing efforts. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. It's your story and we can help you tell it well.  

graphic design

Our team at GB Graphix understands how important it is for clients to create a lasting visual impact, and our creative processes and innovative abilities are committed to solving the most complex challenges in the world of graphic design.


What exactly do we design? 

Custom Logos, Cover Photos, Social Media graphics, Facebook ads, brochures, postcard campaigns, business cards, t-shirt designs, and so much more. If you can think it, we can make it.  


If you have a big idea and don’t know where to begin, we can help. We help entrepreneurs and small business to organize their ideas and build a strategy that aligns with their goals, vision, and lifestyle. We have be known for the ability to envision the look of the future and inspire others to jump on board. We distinguish unique opportunities to amplify revenue and profits by developing high-quality marketing plans and promotions that have led to an increase in sales for our clients. We understand the future marketing and the marketing efforts and strategies that we create for our clients are cutting edge and positively persuasive

website design

The websites we build are completely customized toward our clients, their brand, and the audience they are looking to attract. After discussing the needs of our clients, we then create an interface that simplifies and enhances their ability to do business on a larger scale. With the automation capabilities and systems available, we are able streamline much of the sales process which gives are clients more time to focus on what they do best. From the initial design concept to the final outcome, our team works hard towards effectively bringing our clients’ vision to life.

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