Stay Engaged with your Followers

April 11, 2018

   Engagement is key on every social media platform. If people aren’t liking, sharing, or voting in your polls, your account starts too look negative. If you have tons of followers but only 1 or 2 are liking your posts, that sets off a red flag. It tellS people that you bought your followers which is NOT the message you want to send. So, keeping your followers engaged is essential.

   To do this, you have to find your niche audience. If you haven’t noticed, niche audiences are HUGE. The more you niche down, the better. You will attract people that love the same things that you do, and they will listen. BUT you have to create good content. And by this I mean good quality photos of something that is relevant to your niche, or something written that your audience can relate to. It is all about building relationships with the people that follow you.

   People like people who are relatable, that’s why Jennifer Lawrence blew up! If she had an instagram/twitter I guarantee you that she would have millions of followers. Communication is key, and having a one way conversation is not fun by any means. You have to talking back to your followers! You don’t have to follow every single one of your followers, but you can go and like a few photos on their page, or reply to their comments. Comment on their photos, create organic relationships with people!




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