Custom cover photo design for your social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Please read below to better understand our process for creating you an amazing and beautifully branded cover photo.


After purchasing a custom cover photo design here in our store, we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to get the information and assets we need to move forward with your custom design.  


In the meantime- you can email your cover photo assets to


Cover Photo Assets Needed:

  • Name you want on cover photo 


  • High-resolution headshot photo (if available)


  • Photos- see below for more information.  


  • Logo files (if available) 


  • Fonts: if you have specific ones you would like us to use on your cover photo, please provide us with the font files and or the names of the font you would like us to use. If not, don't worry we will find the perfect fonts for you. 


  • Colors: you will choose your colors when purchasing a cover photo through our shop. However, if you have further details or specific colors (such as your brand colors) that you would like us to use please provide this information in your cover photo assets email to us.


PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE US WITH ANY PHOTOS OR LOGOS THAT HAVE BEEN RETRIEVED VIA SCREENSHOT. Screenshots greatly reduce the quality of photos and can result in a grainy and overall undesirable final product. Please avoid screenshots at all cost 



We ask that you provide us with atleast 10 Photos that you wouldn't mind seeing on your cover photo design. We then look through these photos and choose the ones that complement each other and will work best for your design. 


We do not require that you have professional high resolution photos for us to make you a cover photo. Photos taken with your smart phone are of high quality and will work just fine.


We often get asked what kinds of photos should you send over? We suggest photos with family, with friends, with your team, of you traveling, of your pets, of you public speaking, of you doing the things you love, etc. Hope this sparks a few ideas for you!


Please keep the number of selfies to 1-2 (if any) in the photos that you send to us. 

We also highly recommend including atleast one headshot photo of you. 

We have become pros at deleting backgrounds… So feel free to include any photos you might like of yourself but the background just isn't right. 


Our Process

You may find our cover photo process a bit odd. However, having designed hundred to cover photos for clients, we have found that many clients do not know what they want and would prefer us to take the reins and make them a cover photo that is beautifully branded and professional. We take care of the layout, style, and over design of your cover photo.


That being said,If you are someone that knows EXACTLY what you want YOUR cover photo to look like, we will be happy to follow your plan and bring it to life in your cover photo..... just includes these details and or examples in your cover photo assets email.


Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for cover photos is 2-3 weeks from date of purchase (considering that you provide us with all necessary cover photo assets within 3-5 days after purchase. If it is taking you longer to get these things to us, no rush; just drop us a line to let us know you are working on it. :)  If you are needing a cover photo designed quickly and 2-3 weeks just wont work for you...We do offer Rush services for a fee. Contact us for more details on this. 


CLICK HERE to see some of the cover photos we have designed 

Custom Cover Photo Design

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