Designed to help you

build your brand,

gain confidence & clarity

in marketing and sales,

Learn how to tell your story well

build stronger  more meaningful relationships,

providing your customers with 

knock your socks off service 

& not only surviving but thriving in your business & life!



This 6 week online academy provides a deep understanding of the many aspects of branding. You will gain a fresh perspective

on doing business as an entrepreneur

that will leave you inspired to take action

(vs. the usual exhaustion, feeling lost, or feeling robbed of your time that you can never get back!) 

The knowledge, how-to, and exercises covered in the
Branding Like a Boss Academy will give you the

boost of energy, motivation, and professionalism

you need to propel your business to the next level.


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  • Branding Basics: What it is, how it works, and the outcome of doing it right.

  • Goal Setting & Goal Getting

  • How to share your story authentically & professional

  • Attracting & Building your Tribe


  • Creating the perfect mission statement that contains the right message.

  • Defining your Target Audience. The psychology behind finding your tribe.


  • Marketing Strategy and Social Media Content Creation.

  • How to Build Trust, stay authentic, and live your passion.


  • How to approach your potential customer.

  • Attraction Marketing

  • Sales Pitch


  • Creativity

  • Building your Brand Identity

  • Deciding on a Name for your business

  • The importance of your Logo and how to make it work for you.

  • Choosing the right design, fonts, and colors for your brand.


  • Building your empire.

  • Graphic Design tutorial of Canva.

  • Graphic Design tutorial of the best design apps

  • Graphic Design Resources











“Sharlotte is full of a ridiculous amount of information in terms of branding. Which made that gigantic chunk of what we do seem so much more manageable.

She’s the best of the best.”

- Moira Kucaba

Here is a checklist to help you in deciding if this course is a good fit for you and your business. 

I'm a big believer in going with your gut... if it feels right then go for it and vis versa!

Take action only on the things you BELIEVE will help you MOVE FORWARD and GROW. If this course doesn't give you those vibes, then maybe now is not the time...

The Branding Like a Boss Academy is the perfect fit for you if...

  • You want to get started NOW . If you enroll now, the course is completely self-paced so that you can start it whenever you’re ready….and what better time to get your thinking cap and make big things happen for your business, than now?! Plus you will have LIFETIME ACCESS! So you will also have access to any and all new material that is to come in the future! 

  • You're lacking in your ability to design good graphics. The Branding Academy is geared to help people who don't have any design experience (as well as people who ARE design savvy!), to grow in their abilities with graphic design by knowing what programs and resources to use and when to outsource a project. Visual appeal is so important when it comes to promoting your business and getting the attention of others...ecspecially in today's oversaturated and overstimilated world. The graphics you put out there are representing you so you want to make sure that they are 1) the best they can be 2) contain the right message and 3) are branded with your brand to increase brand exposure and thus brand recognition. By the end of the academy you will know how to design attractive, eye catching, and branded graphics that will attract the right people to you. 

  • You haven’t started your business yet. I love it when I get clients who have yet to take the leap to begin their business. Why? Because then we can create a brand identity that is professional and established right from the very beginning. This avoids so many obstacles and allows the confidence and clarity to be in alignment with your overall vision for the business! 

  • You already started your business (you’re just not excited about your brand!) If your brand doesn't excite you; if it's not attracting your dream customers; if it feels pieced together or like a copy of someone else's brand; if you're having a hard time being consistent with it; and/or it lacks the professionalism you would like....then this course is definitely for you!

  • You’re struggling to bring in steady income. If you can't afford to invest thousands of dollars into a new brand + website presence, The academy will guide you every step of the way to create your own professional, stand out brand presence that you need in order to take your business to the next level!

  • You don’t have lots of time. When you have very limited time, then you literally don't have ANY time to waste. And if you are fumbling around trying to figure everything out on your own, then I guarantee you that you're wasting time because it's going to take longer (& possibly be less effective!) Every lesson in this academy is as short and to the point as possible. You can make progress with just 10 minutes a day!

  • You want to grow a devoted tribe and connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. In a day and age that’s filled with tons of automation and noise, people are craving community, connection and authenticity! Learn real ways that you can build relationships, that lead to more sales. Ultimately making your passion your paycheck.  

  • You’re ready to grow your business with a brand that is 100% YOU. Because when you have an authentic + totally unique brand; you’ll stand out online, your audience will consist of like minded fans and followers and this leads to more sales! 💗 don't worry we teach you the magic behind all of this! 

Every action that you take in the academy is designed to help you rise up to the best version of yourself and illuminate the light that shines within... all which can be done by simply crafting the perfect brand for YOU, one that represents you well and will get the attention of the people you want to attract and actually GROW your business AND your income.

Students that have taken the course have had some extraordinary ah-ha moments that have changed the course of their future by upgrading their mindset and way of thinking about their business! This could be you!! 

So click here to enroll & meet me inside! 

I will walk you step-by-step through it all, promise! 💗

Sharlotte Bouniol 

"Sharlotte is an amazing graphic design artist but also a pro at marketing! She helped me develop my brand and my target audience and continues to amaze me! The logo she created for my wellness business is warm inviting and perfectly represents me and my brand!! She takes time to get to know you and create what you want! Highly recommend her for anyone looking to take their business to the next level! A conversation with Sharlotte will help you unleash your true potential and leave you focused, fired up and ready to run towards your dreams!"

-Megan Seibel

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